The Nazar Talisman

The color black combined with other gemstones carries great significance according to Indian philosophical traditions. Black is believed to ward off the negative energy of ‘Nazar’ or the ‘evil eye’, while in Vedic and Buddhist philosophy green, blue for example are associated with healing and protection. 

The Nazar Talisman collection brings together elements that represent these qualities, combining emeralds, black onyx, dark mother of pearl, black diamonds and amethyst in unique, thoughtful pieces of jewellery with talismanic properties. 

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This collection distils the visuals and spiritutal form of the Lotus flower as a symbol of harmony and consciousness. With a palette of red rubies, pink tourmalines, pearls and black diamonds translated into contemporary geometric forms, the pattern of gemstones in each piece represents the relationship between the chakras and perceived power when combined. 

The contrast of bold, geometric design and the delicate construction and detailing results in a hypnotic, feminine form.

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The fluidity and form of the Scatter collection is inspired by the concept of metaphysical energy and movement. The design represents the movement of energy from the root and crown chakras, with each coloured gemstone epitomising the flow of energy from the ground up.

The collection used black diamonds, white diamonds, rubies, emerald and blue sapphires – the darker colours representative of the root chakra and the grounding qualities, and the lighter signifying the consciousness.

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This collection distils the visual and spiritual form of the Jasmine flower (also known as Mogra in Hindi) as a symbol of unity and divine hope. Traditionally used to adorn women to celebrate their femininity as goddesses, in Southern India jasmine garlands are fastened in hair to symbolise good fortune.
The flower bud is used in religious ceremonies, bringing together groups of people during pious celebrations and is especially prized for its delicate fragrance.
With a palette of white diamonds and mother of pearl the Mogra collection celebrates the traditional symbol of internal clarity and enlightenment translated into contemporary geometric forms.

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Lotus samsara

The Lotus flower is very influential in Buddhist and Hindu philosophies. Its form
represents the evolution of the soul, ever-changing and ever-moving. It is also considered
the symbol of rebirth, known as Samsara.

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