Celebrate & Rediscover
the profound meanings behind jewellery

About Ananya

Each piece is a repository for meanings and emotional assotiations that grow even stronger with time.

Every Ananya design has a story to tell even before it is worn for the first time.
Ananya jewellery is undeniably beautiful, but as important is the meaning behind the beauty. The inspiration behind it's design, the spiritual significance of the shapes and stones that contribute to the value and power of the piece.

The collection uses diamonds, emeralds, rubies and blue sapphires with the graduation to white diamonds epitomising the flow of energy from the ground up.



High Jewellery

Discover Ananya's most exceptional creations. 'Ananya' in Hindi translates to 'unique' and this is represented in her High Jewellery collection.

The Brand

Ananya celebrates and rediscovers the profoundly personal meanings behind jewellery; the stories that become attached to it over the course of its ownership; its power to connect emotionally with the wearer; and its role as an external reflection of their internal spirit.

The Atelier

Make it your own

For personalised creations Ananya offers an Atelier service

The Chakra Bracelet

Inspired by Ananya’s love and fascination of coloured gemstones, and more specifically their qualities, the Chakra collection was created to bring beauty whilst also bringing healing qualities into its wearer’s life.