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No More Pen Toool

Draw and Trace with Ease

With the pen tool used in Photoshop, Illustrator and and most other drawing programs, it is awkward and un-intuitive to draw by pulling tangents.

With Ananya Curves you only use directions. The control points are right on the curve. This makes it easier, faster, and more natural to use.


Finally a Straightforward Way To Draw Curves.....Lines and Arcs too!
And now you can draw things that you thought were impossible.


With Ananya Curves all of the control points are right on the curve. You do not have to pull on tangent lines in order to shape the curve. This makes our tool more intuitive and easier to use for artist, graphic artists and designers who want to draw on the computer.

You can use Ananya Curves as a plugin for Photoshop, (works with: Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4) or as a standalone program. You can use your drawings directly in Adobe Photoshop, or save them as a postscript file and import them into Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Corel Paint Shop Pro .

So if you are tired of reworking and redrawing your projects as they fall short of what you expect, then it is time to try Ananya Curves.

If you're an artist and want to draw and trace on your computer but can't make heads or tails of the pen tool, then it's time to try Ananya Curves.

If you would like to speed up your drawing and tracing jobs, and make them more fun and less tedious, then it's time to try Ananya Curves.

If you would like to have features at your disposal that will stretch your creativity to the max, like using circular arcs and conics as part of your curve, then try Ananya Curves.

You can try Ananya Curves for 30 days
and fall in love with it!

To download the full feature trial version just click here.

Try Ananya Curves to make sure it is right for you. If you order within a week you can take advantage of our 15% rebate. We send you a check in 30 days.

To Learn More

To learn more about the many features that make Ananya Curves an essential part of your drawing arsenal click here.

To see Ananya Curves in action click here!

What they are saying about
Ananya Curves

This is an email from Bert Monroy:

To Whom it may concern,

This letter serves as a recommendation to view the product that Ananya Systems has put together.

I have been teaching small groups and presenting before large groups for over twenty years. I have a one-day seminar that I have been taking to two different cities every month for over a year. I average between 450 to 800 attendees per city. The creation of paths has always been a sore point among attendees. I devote a full hour to the Pen tool at the one-day seminars. Still people have a hard time grasping the use of the "handles".

I trust this does not come as a surprise. The "handles" issue goes way back to the first version of Illustrator. What Ananya has put together is a far more intuitive way of adjusting a curve. Rather than adjusting multiple handles, the user simply manipulates a single source. I was privy to an early version of the software and saw the potential of where they were going with it. Brigit has a keen understanding of the physics behind the use of curves. Her implementation makes it easy for the user to make the desired paths.

I have shown the software to a number of groups of people and received a very enthusiastic response from each. I feel that with Adobe's guidance and backing, this product will be very helpful to the end user.

Thank you for your time.

Bert Monroy

From William Gunn:

I had another use for Ananya Curves that I hadn't anticipated, but was extremely useful over the Adobe Pen Tool.

When I do my department store ads, I frequently want to redraw manufacturers' logos. I have never been able to do that adequately with the pen tool, which doesn't easily follow the flowing lines and curves of many font styles. The other selection tools also produced "bumpy" selections, especially with low resolution templates. Getting a good vector path was very difficult. I was just not satisfied with the available tools to recreate type.

I just tried AC on a logo type, and I was impressed. Because of the inherent elastic qualities of your program, which works well on those gradual, flowing curves, I was able to draw a very credible copy of the type.

I thought you might want to know about that.